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The difference between ps and HIPS

Ps is polystyrene, and hips is modified polystyrene, that is, hips is a kind of ps plastic after ps material modification. The essence is also the ps material, but it has been modified on the impact resistance.

Impact-resistant polystyrene Name: High Impact Polystyrene Impact-resistant polystyrene Properties: Impact-resistant polystyrene (HIPS) Impact-resistant polystyrene is produced by adding polybutyl rubber particles to polystyrene. An impact resistant polystyrene product. This polystyrene product adds micron-sized rubber particles and bonds the polystyrene and rubber particles together by means of a graft. When subjected to an impact, the tip stress of the crack propagation is released by the relatively soft rubber particles. Therefore, the crack propagation is hindered and the impact resistance is improved. Polystyrene is a versatile brittle plastic. The outer casing of the computer you are using is polystyrene. Transparent plastic cups, which are also made of polystyrene.

Polystyrene is a polyolefin which is formed by free radical polymerization of styrene. A novel polystyrene, syndiotactic, can be obtained by metallocene catalyzed polymerization. The benzene rings of the ordinary polystyrene are randomly connected to both sides of the main chain, and the benzene rings of the ordinary polystyrene are alternately connected to each other. Syndiotactic is a crystalline polymer having a melting point of 270 ° C. Polybutadiene is added to the styrene polymerization system to graft polymerize styrene on the polybutadiene backbone. Polystyrene and polybutadiene are incompatible, so the styrene and butadiene segments are separately aggregated, resulting in phase separation. These polybutadiene phase regions absorb impact energy, thereby increasing the impact strength of the polystyrene.


Vacuum blister packaging in China

In recent years, vacuum blister packaging in China began to be used for packaging and turnover of small appliances, handicrafts, toys, footwear, and some electronics.With the development of the plastic blister packaging industry, the application fields are also becoming more and more widespread. material. . With the rise of the plastic packaging industry, vacuum blister packaging is more widely used.

2) PET (A-PET): Hard, good toughness, high strength, bright surface, environmental protection, non-toxic, transparent and a variety of colors plastic cutlery suppliers of the sheet.

3) PS: small density (light weight), environmental protection, non-toxic, very good plasticity, poor toughness, brittleness, can not be made of bright materials, it can only be made into bottom bracket type plastic, because of its easy to crack, such plastic Not suitable for recycling

4) PP: The material is particularly soft, good toughness, environmental protection, non-toxic, high temperature, often made of food utensils or other high-temperature products packaging; but its poor plasticity, processing difficulties, poor surface gloss, and processing color Will become lighter.

5) PET-G: Physical properties are similar to those of A-PET, but they can be heat-sealed at a high frequency, which is 80% more expensive than A-PET.. Such as MP3, headphones, USB, toys, batteries, handicrafts, sports shoes and other finished packaging and metal stamping parts, lathe parts, computer connectors, electronic components and other materials turnover. From the original packaging products to becoming part of the product, plastic blister products can now be found everywhere in our lives. This new technology and new materials are used to package small pieces of solids such as tablets, pills, hygienic pills and candy bars.

1) PVC: The most commonly used plastic materials, soft, tough, good plasticity, can be made transparent and a variety of colors, commonly used transparent PVC packaging electronics, cosmetics, toys, gifts and other products. Vacuum blister packaging is a new packaging technology and new material developed in the 1980s. This material is often required to replace PVC with high-grade and environmentally friendly users. Disadvantages are that PET high frequency heat sealing is more difficult and the price is much more expensive than PVC. Commonly used sheets include: PVC, PET, PP, PS, and flocked sheets, gold-plated sheets and anti-static sheets based thereon.

Blister packaging is called non-container packaging, which can save raw and auxiliary materials for packaging, reduce packaging waste, and comply with the requirements of moderate and reduced packaging advocated by the world. From the initial blister blister to the current thick plate blister that can replace injection molding machines, from simple food trays, electronic trays to the current logistics Working trays, hardware tool carts, cooling towers, bathtubs, and parts of cars that move inwards, etc..

The raw material of plastic tray products is only plastic sheets, and the film thickness is generally not more than 1.5mm


Energy consumption is only one-tenth that of neon lights

Extremely energy-efficient, energy consumption is only one-tenth that of neon lights, saving electricity costs can offset manufacturing costs. Maintenance-free, free replacement; Portion Cup suppliers good weather resistance, adapt to -45 °C -85 °C environment. The operating steps are:

1: First, use physical mud to form the outline; Place the blister blank on the blister-printing machine; Hand-grind and manually add parts;

2: Pour into the blister hair embryo with the special plastic special plaster, air dry to form the gypsum hair, use the electric milling machine to carry on the deep processing to the gypsum embryo embryo and the regular shape;

3: The individual polished plaster parts are bonded into a complete plaster mold; then placed in a plastic blister to form a complete sample;

4: According to the finished product size, manual trimming, edge sealing, complete the proofing process.Blister tray refers to a type of plastic tray formed by plastic forming process, mainly used for industrial products, electronic products, food packaging, thickness from 0. If there is demand, the printing and proofing department will also make paper cards, stickers or color boxes used for the plastic samples.. The dedicated power supply is low-voltage power supply, safe to use, does not require a waterproof seal, and can even be directly immersed in water;

2. Save raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, convenient transportation, good sealing performance, in line with the requirements of environmental protection green packaging; can package any special-shaped products, packing without additional buffer material; packaged product is transparent and visible, beautiful appearance, easy to sell, and suitable Mechanized, automated packaging for modern management, saving manpower and increasing efficiency. Long life, up to 100,000 hours. The blister inner tray, also called bottom tray, inner lining, tray, inner box, refers to a kind of plastic products used in the paper product packaging box to set off, protect, shockproof, separate, fix and beautify. Wide range of product applications, daily necessities plastic packaging, hardware blister packaging, automotive supplies blister packaging, electronic products blister packaging, food blister packaging, cosmetics blister packaging, computer peripherals blister packaging, toy blister packaging, sporting goods Blister packaging, stationery, blister packaging.

4.2mm to 2mm. They will use the fully-printed digital proofing machine to reflect the actual printing results. More use of colored solid plastic sheet, high-end will use flocking plastic materials.

1. Divided into different functions and materials: turnover trays, antistatic trays, PS plastic trays.

Blister proofing is mostly done with plaster moulds. Can bend back, can be placed arbitrarily according to strokes of Chinese characters or complicated logos;


Blister tray use and understanding

Blister packs are one of the most common types of packaging we have in life. Most of these packs are used on graded exterior items, primarily to increase the visual sensation and sense of value of the items in order to promote the sale of the items. What kind of tray is a tray package? How do you understand the benefits of this package? .
The tray packing is a kind of flat groove packaging, and the tray can be placed inside the groove. The tray packing is a concave shape, and the packaging has obvious appearance outlines, which can well increase our visual sense. In our plastics industry there are also packages called Netto and small shapes. There are many types of tray packaging, such as Dual trays ,Portion Cup,and flocking materials. These are all used on value items.
The value of blister tray packaging, the value of this package can be drawn from three points, appearance, low cost, highlights. These three points are not normally available in the packaging. To grasp the use of these three points can be regarded as a valuable packaging. From an objective point of view, if an article vendor wants to produce a package that does not achieve real results, It will become waste and luxury. Only by grasping good methods of production can we achieve perfection. It is hereby stated that in order for the company to produce the packaging that the goods trader wants, it will give some goods dealers' opinions and modern popular style packaging as a reference.
The idea of ??goods suppliers is only understandable for the production personnel, and we only need to understand the design highlights of the product manufacturers. The plastic factory only produces packaging. As for the advantages of the goods, only the commodity suppliers need to understand the point. In general, To produce a tray package must be a common effort to see results.
Most of the tray packaging is used on digital items. There are many items in the tray packaging. The merchants will make details, and the packaging will be directly integrated with the items. The digital items will have smooth angles and even white materials or reflective glass materials. It is not possible to make a folded package in this kind of product and it is not possible to make a foldable package because it will be refracted to the eyes of the consumer by hanging on the shelf once it is hit by a positive barrier to the glass material of the article. , This will make this item bring a lot of sales resistance, but the most appropriate is to do a built-in blister tray color to be able to dark light the material light dark material. This will not only increase the brightness of the item, but will not affect the consumer's visual effect.


Most of the use is based on convenience

Most of the use is based on convenience.

Blister tray introduction:

The plastic tray is also called plastic inner tray, and the plastic hard sheet is made into a special grooved plastic by a plastic suction process, and the product is placed in the groove to protect and beautify the product. Different, depending on the packaging needs of packaging items to make a choice, this type of plastic tray is often used in the electronics industry, toy industry, stationery industry, technology products industry, cosmetics industry, health products industry and so on. There are also transportable trays and trays., Ltd.Many people do not know what a plastic tray is.. It is the same as the box we usually use, but because of the particularity of the product, and the need, use a plastic tray to carry out Storage and transportation, then what is the plastic tray, what are the main products of the industry to use plastic trays, these two issues from the Changzhou Far East Plastics to tell you about. is a professional manufacturer of plastic trays, plastic steel belts, strapping belts, automobile plastic boxes, full credible boxes, pallet boxes, heavy materials, plastic trays, and parts trays. According to the plastic cutlery manufacturers morphological structure and weight of articles, they are suitable for tray packaging with a lot of material thickness. Such trays are strong in terms of strength.

Blister tray application:

There are many kinds of plastic trays, and tray products are one of the types of plastic in the plastic industry. In fact, the plastic tray is a kind of transport packaging.

Changzhou Yuandong Plastic Machinery Co.

Of course, because of the different industries in which plastic trays are used, when selecting materials, they will also choose what materials to use according to actual needs, and what color plastic trays will be made

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