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Vacuum blister packaging in China

In recent years, vacuum blister packaging in China began to be used for packaging and turnover of small appliances, handicrafts, toys, footwear, and some electronics.With the development of the plastic blister packaging industry, the application fields are also becoming more and more widespread. material. . With the rise of the plastic packaging industry, vacuum blister packaging is more widely used.

2) PET (A-PET): Hard, good toughness, high strength, bright surface, environmental protection, non-toxic, transparent and a variety of colors plastic cutlery suppliers of the sheet.

3) PS: small density (light weight), environmental protection, non-toxic, very good plasticity, poor toughness, brittleness, can not be made of bright materials, it can only be made into bottom bracket type plastic, because of its easy to crack, such plastic Not suitable for recycling

4) PP: The material is particularly soft, good toughness, environmental protection, non-toxic, high temperature, often made of food utensils or other high-temperature products packaging; but its poor plasticity, processing difficulties, poor surface gloss, and processing color Will become lighter.

5) PET-G: Physical properties are similar to those of A-PET, but they can be heat-sealed at a high frequency, which is 80% more expensive than A-PET.. Such as MP3, headphones, USB, toys, batteries, handicrafts, sports shoes and other finished packaging and metal stamping parts, lathe parts, computer connectors, electronic components and other materials turnover. From the original packaging products to becoming part of the product, plastic blister products can now be found everywhere in our lives. This new technology and new materials are used to package small pieces of solids such as tablets, pills, hygienic pills and candy bars.

1) PVC: The most commonly used plastic materials, soft, tough, good plasticity, can be made transparent and a variety of colors, commonly used transparent PVC packaging electronics, cosmetics, toys, gifts and other products. Vacuum blister packaging is a new packaging technology and new material developed in the 1980s. This material is often required to replace PVC with high-grade and environmentally friendly users. Disadvantages are that PET high frequency heat sealing is more difficult and the price is much more expensive than PVC. Commonly used sheets include: PVC, PET, PP, PS, and flocked sheets, gold-plated sheets and anti-static sheets based thereon.

Blister packaging is called non-container packaging, which can save raw and auxiliary materials for packaging, reduce packaging waste, and comply with the requirements of moderate and reduced packaging advocated by the world. From the initial blister blister to the current thick plate blister that can replace injection molding machines, from simple food trays, electronic trays to the current logistics Working trays, hardware tool carts, cooling towers, bathtubs, and parts of cars that move inwards, etc..

The raw material of plastic tray products is only plastic sheets, and the film thickness is generally not more than 1.5mm

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